Uploadfiles enforces HTTPS on all network traffic, any insecure requests to or from our service are blocked immediately.

When you upload a file, we first encrypt it in your browser and divide it into smaller chunks, it is then transferred securely to our load balancer(s) where it is routed to the closest storage server for your region. Once the chunks reach the storage server destination, they are reassembled and stored securely in a private environment.

We have SSL certificates at all stages of our network, from browser, to DNS level, load balancer, and finally storage boxes. The entire flow from your computer to our storage is secured to prevent any "man in the middle" attacks or exposure of sensitive data.

Once files are uploaded and securely stored, they cannot be accessed by any means other than the download URL that only you will know. Without the download URL, the file cannot be unencrypted.

Files can also be retrieved via our API, which requires your user ID and secret Auth key. (both of which can be found via your dashboard for users on the Busines plan)