There's no imposed limit on file upload speed for free or paid users, but there is a physical limit based on our network capacity. When uploading a file, you are connecting to a load balancer, and then onto individual storage servers. The bandwidth capacity for these servers is 1Gb/s each. We distribute this bandwidth equally amongst all currently connected users, so the speed will greatly depend on how busy our network is.

In a nutshell, you can usually expect upload speeds of around 3MB/s on average, but if there is low usage, this can increase to as much as 1Gb/s.


Almost 20million people use Uploadfiles per month, as a result, we have to manage download speeds for free users, to ensure everybody can access our service fairly.
The current download speed for free users is 1MB/s.

Pro & Business users benefit from no speed limit, meaning they can expect speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Business users can also allow their files to be downloaded at maximum speed by free users too.