Uploadfiles deploys multiple dedicated data centers around the world, including Europe, Asia & America.

We also utilise Cloudflare for our content delivery network to make use of their edge servers:

"A _CDN_ edge server is a computer that exists at the logical extreme or “[_edge_](https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/serverless/glossary/what-is-edge-computing/)_” of a network. An edge server often serves as the connection between separate networks. A primary purpose of a CDN edge server is to store content as close as possible to a requesting client machine, thereby reducing latency and improving page load times."_

A list of our public regions, along with our current service status, can be found here: https://status.ufile.io/

Paid users also benefit from automatic data backups using Amazon S3, to ensure absolute data loss protection, as well as file versioning. 

To summarise, your files will be stored securely on our own hardware in the closest data center to the upload origin, copies of your files may also be stored temporarily on CDN locations around the world for caching purposes. Paid users will also have their file stored securely on Amazon S3.